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I can be reached at
803-873-8351 or you can e-mail me here.

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Micah Douglas

Hello! I am an electrical engineer turned web developer that works in Columbia, South Carolina. I work full-time for a state agency and run a consulting business in my spare time. I live with my wife and two children in a big old house that requires me to be doing several projects at once all the time.

System and interface design is what I do.

This is a fuzzy bus.I work to design systems for customers. Sometimes I use standard design methods and frameworks, and other times I apply new techniques and computer science. I am particularly interested in the perfectly intuitive interface, and in developing easy and effortless interface for the web platform.

Programming is how I do it.

The beach as chalkboard.

I work with Adobe Technologies and products primarily, but as any good developer or computer scientist will tell you, good programmers can program in any language. The right tool for the job is one of the adages I work by. I have programmed in Java, ASP, PERL, VB, .NET C#, CF, C++, Fortran, LISP, and other languages.

Other services and additional resources

At this time I provide other consulting services as well, such as web development, web site design, site maintenance, site hosting, network services, network design, security consulting, general technology services, and training.

I am also able to come speak to any group about current internet technologies and how they relate to Education, Real Estate, Engineering, or other industries.