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About me - well this whole site is about me...

I think the impetus for bringing this site to life is more about "eating my own dog food" as opposed to "tooting my own horn." I have to review many resumes for technology positions (mostly web folks) and I am always dissappointed when I see that the person doesn't have a personal web site, or an on-line portfolio of their work or examples of their work listed. My one tip for web folks looking to be hired - put as many relevant URLs in your resume as you can, without going overboard. Even linking to your personal portfolio on-line is a great way to give that person doing the hiring a good idea of what you can do.

My professional experience
Position Years Clients/ Projects Comment
Consulting 5 Years 10 I generally have taken fewer specific projects than more general jobs because then I can choose the projects I wish to work on, and focus on getting them completed in a timely manner. I also like to choose to work with clients in the longer term.
SC Dept of Education 6 Years 50+ I have either led a team on, been a principal designer or developer of, or project lead on over 50 projects of all shapes and sizes, almost all in the realm of web technology.

Prysmian Cable(formerly Pirelli Cable)

2 Years 200+ I worked for Pirelli Cables North America for 2 years as an "Applications Engineer." During that time I developed an internal tool that calculated cable ampacities and developed an intranet Cable Catalog. My other experience at Pirelli was as a customer focused technical sales manager - applications engineer. I covered all of Canada, and met with clients, held seminars and training events, performed detailed engineering calculations, project management, and developed failure analysis reports and documentation.
StarLance 4 Years 3 During the early years of Networked Gaming, I developed a system that managed communities of computer game players. The system was a competive league that kept track of players, teams, matches, and standings. This personal pet project turned into a massive endeavor with over 50,000 active members at it's height.

More experience...

I worked as a substation engineer for 7 years in Florida, doing calculations, developing project plans, managing projects, developing drawings, running meetings, and managing technical staff. We managed large-scale construction projects and maintained the substation portion of the city of Lakeland Electric Grid.

I have a very broad experience base, which helps manage web projects in a way that most Internet professionals can't. Most web developers are fairly young, and generally haven't worked doing anything else, they simply don't have any other experience on the other side of the fence in the client/consultant relationship.

Education Background

I went to the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. I have continued my personal education by attending classes pertinent to my current endeavors. These included: